Delivering Homecare


As a cancer patient undergoing treatment, it is difficult to remember care instructions given by the nurse over the phone. We wanted patients to be able to access care instructions by signing into the Navigating Care application — however our current sign-in experience was a big barrier, especially for first-time users.


We had to create a seamless caregiver-to-patient experience, including simplified sign-in, so that first-time and return patients could easily receive homecare instructions sent by their nurse.


Since our soft launch in May 2019, our beta clinics are delivering an average of 500 homecare instructions per month, to successfully verified patients. We are receiving positive feedback from clinics and learning so much about how this experience could extend to all message types across or platform.

My Role

I collaborated with team to research passwordless login experiences that meet HIPAA compliance regulations for patient privacy and security. Participated in rapid prototyping sessions with product team. Designed touch-friendly, high-fidelity visuals for prototyping and testing, that scale for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Rapid Prototyping

A sketching session with the product team provided a way to quickly explore options for our verification experience, which would require patients to enter four pieces of personal information – first name, last name, date of birth, and zip code.

Visual Design

The visual elements I created for our verification experience included larger-sized user interface elements to assist with easier information entry, especially on mobile devices. Special attention was paid to the masked inputs for date of birth and zip code to provide formatting guidance. High fidelity click-through prototypes were used for user testing and product development.

User Flow & Architecture

Our verification flow is a foundational experience, allowing patients to sign in and access other resources such as Health Tracker, our remote patient monitoring tool. Architecture studies were integrated to show a more complete view of our patient experience vision.

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